About Hedgelaying

Hedgelaying is the best technique for renewing old hedges and giving increased vigour to newly planted hedgerows which in turn provides huge benefits for nesting birds and other wildlife. Wealden Hedgelaying specialises in the ‘South of England’ style of hedgelaying. This style results in a compact, visually stunning hedge which grows back thick and healthy and is easy to trim. These features make it the perfect style for general hedge row management as well as habitat improvement.

What is ‘South of England’ style?

In this style the hedgerow trees are laid to create a double brush hedge (bushy growth on both sides), stakes are then inserted 18″ apart down the centre of the hedge. These are then woven together with binders. ( usually hazel or willow wands) this creates a strong framework and also looks stunning. See the Gallery to see images of the ‘South of England’ style.

Which hedges are suitable for laying?

Almost all hedges would benefit from being laid, but there are a few which are not suitable. There must be sufficient ‘ twiggy ‘ growth on top to give the required thickness when laid, so occasionally we may advise leaving a hedge to grow up for another season before laying. Hedgerow trees must also be of a suitable age and condition to benefit from the process and in rare cases a hedge may need to be coppiced and allowed to regenerate before being laid. Every hedge is different though.

What time of year are hedges laid?

Hedges are best laid in the winter months when they are dormant. On an average year this means October to March.

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